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Video Editor

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Antrim·£22K - £30K

Booya Ltd is a media and tech company but just to keep things simple here's the brief version of our story:

  • What do we do? We are the company behind FarmFLiX
  • What is FarmFLiX? A video platform for agricultural video content
  • Who watches FarmFLiX? Anyone with a connection to farming - farmers, farm contractors and suppliers, agricultural enthusiasts
  • What is in the videos? Documentaries of farm life with real people
  • Who makes the videos? Our in house production team capture, cut and publish them
  • Can I watch the videos free on YouTube? No - we have our own online platform we deliver them to (website & app)
  • So what is on your YouTube channel? A random mix of vlogs - behind the scenes filming, our #onThePull event, some farming with John and our resident farmer Mr Clyde.
  • How many videos have you made for the FarmFLiX platform? Hundreds of episodes and we add a new one every week
  • How long are they? It varies but we aim for between 20 and 40 minutes of broadcast quality content
  • Who built the technology behind FarmFLiX? We have a software development team in house
  • Who are the people behind FarmFLiX? John McClean started Booya Ltd in 2016 and right now we are a team of 10 unique and skilled individuals

So what is the role we're advertising?

We need creative individuals to join our media team as video editors. This is a unique opportunity to develop your video production career. We specialise in agricultural video documentaries of daily farming life through out the year. Regardless of the topic, if you love the the video production process and how the storytelling of a video is threaded together to produce a cracking piece of content - this is the role for you.

See for examples of our documentary episodes and for behind the scenes with the team.

Not sure you want to get down and dirty with the farmers?

  • You do NOT need to know anything about agriculture - others in our team have been able to pick up knowledge to make quality content on the job

A knowledge of agriculture would be useful but this isn't a problem! Your fellow team members and our content will get you up to speed on the lingo of our industry in no time. It's possible to shine in this team even if you can't pick out the bull from the cows. Our offices aren't in a farmyard so we'll ease you into the AgLife culture very gently!

So what's the perks to working with us?

  • Flexible working hours - life often kicks in and it's great to have some wiggle room when that happens
  • No Belfast commute - woohoo!
  • No Belfast parking problems - woohoo!
  • This is an opportunity to be part of an end-to-end production team to develop skills beyond video editing
  • There is the opportunity to be part of the capture crews for additional variety if you are a skilled camera operator

What level of experience do I need?

We're built on the belief that we have to keep learning and improving what we do everyday. Everyone in our team is still improving their creative skillset daily. We don't know what your strong suit is but if you're open and honest about what you do well then you're going to be a good fit for our culture. At a minimum you should have used a video editing tool before and be able to point us towards a video you've cut together.

Essential Skills

  • An enthusiasm to learn and develop yourself in a professional video production environment
  • Experience with professional video editing software e.g. Adobe Creative Suite
  • Creative & natural talent for storytelling in your edits
  • Team player
  • Eye for detail and quality in the end result

What's the bottom line and how do I apply?

  • Salary negotiable based on experience
  • Full-time position, based in the Antrim area.
  • Full disclosure, we love farming, we love the farming industry and we believe it needs to survive so we all can eat.

How to Apply

Submit your CV through Indeed (& any links to demonstrate your work)

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